Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Maryn is here!

ok so i only have a minute. i cant even remember the last post that was made. We had a BIG move back to Iowa in the fall and life has been pretty hectic since then. We enjoyed the holidays with our Grinnell side of the family and then we were able to celebrate Thea's 2nd birthday with everyone too. Her final birthday as an only child.
On February 26th at 8:47 pm we welcomed our 2nd daughter Maryn Elizabeth. weighing in at 8 lbs 10 oz 21 1/4 inches. 3 lbs heavier and 3 inches longer than our petite little Thea. Mommy had a successful yet lengthy vbac and is slowly recovering. Everyone is healthy and happy and excited to start our lives as a family of 4!!! More later when my brain is not being sucked out by our children (like that will ever happen :)
-peace,health and love,
The Sherman's

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Did you hear the news?!

Ok, so before I update everyone about our busy summer. I thought I'd get one thing out of the way. We just came back from the doctor this morning and are happy to announce that Thea is going to be a big sister! I am sure the word has already gotten out but I wanted to make it official. I am 13 weeks on Friday and due Feb 19th...2nd trimester here I come! We are very excited and I am finally feeling a bit more at much as my brain will let me be that is ;). We will keep everyone updated on the progress. That's all for now...have to go run after Miss Thea. Hope to work on a new post very soon about our fun summer and our wild little girl!
Love and health,
-Drew, Melinda and Thea

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Speedy T

Well here's our little girl truckin along! she's getting better everyday. Everyone was right, once they figure it out...there's no stopping them! Yeah Thea! We are so proud of her!

Just getting ready for our super long summer vacation aka...Tour de Midwest. Can't wait to see everyone!!!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thea Walking

A friend of ours took this picture of Thea walking to me...priceless!

She finally took her first steps on Memorial Day in Michiana. Drew was the one who saw it while I was upstairs getting her an outfit. No worries though, she walked to me moments later. We'd like to thank Aly and Jamey for motivating her. They were the ones that actually got her to walk. We are very excited and relieved with her accomplishment. While she's not even close to running, she's getting better everyday. Yeah Thea!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

where to begin...

Clippers game..believe it or not she is quite comfy in there. just realized not the best pic of Drew..
One of our few moments home in the past couple of months. This is her new favorite seat!

Easter Egg Hunt at the Dominick's near the Rivero's House. Didn't quite get it..maybe next year!

Hi All! I just wanted to pop in an and apologize for being a horrible blogger. Not sure were to begin. Lots of things have happened since Thea turned the big 1. I am sure all of you are she's not walking yet. I blame tiny feet...I hope. Cruising and walking with toys and even going up and down stairs (the right way). Just not willing to take that leap of faith. Not sure if she just overly cautious or just has no use for it...but it will happen one day (at least that's what I've been told).
February we had a great visit to Grinnell for Thea's family Bday party and Jack and Cynthia's 40th wedding Anniversary Party. Thea was a real trooper and partied till the end of the night. Well if you want to call sleeping in a Lonnski's booth till 2 in the morning "partying" we'll take it! March was actually quite nice. I think we spent the entire month in the state of's a miracle!!! Thea and I went with some friends to a Columbus BlueJackets Game (great seats..thanks again Jessica and Corbin!). Then Papa Jack made the voyage out to Columbus and he and Drew got to see a game themselves. At least he got a few fun nights before getting hit with the nasty virus that was going around (sorry again Jack). April was here before we new it, Easter in Chicago....surprise!!! Thea and I stayed the week and spent lots of time with family and friends. Drew flew back in town on Friday for a fun weekend of Cubs, Pubs and Comedy. We had a great overnight out with Lonn and Jess in downtown Chicago while Nanna and Oompa watch their grandbaby and of course Gracie Moon dog.
We came home for a few weeks, hit a Columbus Clippers game (nice field!) then packed up again for a mommy/daughter road trip to Iowa/Chicago. Yep, 10 hours just the girls (Gracie included). Believe it or not Thea did great as does pay to start them early! Drew yet again hopped on a plane and met us in Chicago. We stayed the night with the Rivero's and let the wee ones visit. Had another adult night out and went to my friend Scott's wedding. It was great seeing people I haven't seen in years...and of course Brooke :)
WOW...have I lost ya yet? I am tired just thinking about all that we do. One day we will settle down, but for now...the traveling must go on! Off to Michiana for Memorial Day Weekend for the kick off of the beach season!!!!!! Then back home for awhile...I hope. Maybe somewhere in there
Thea will take her first steps. Where they will be... who knows!
Love, Health and Happiness to All,
The Sherman's

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thea's 1st Birthday

A friend from our Mom's group made this great butterfly cake. We sang Happy Birthday and watched in amazement as our daughter had her 1st piece of cake...and loved it!

A little hesitant at 1st

Then decided she loved it and even let Mommy put on her Birthday crown!

Cake daze...

Thea loved all of her birthday presents....but bee lined to the corn popper. No wonder those things are still around!

Thea got her 1st dolly! It says "I love you" and makes kissing sounds. Thea could not stop kissing her! She also got her 1st play kitchen! It sings songs and has lots of fun buttons!
We had a very busy day! Our little Miss Thea had her 1st Birthday and loved every minute of it! It was a quiet day with just Mommy, Daddy, Thea, Gracie and Asparagus. Daddy made pancakes in the morning and then we had birthday cake after was a cake filled day. No wonder by the end of the day we were all crashing from the sugar overdose. Thea received some great presents that are sure to entertain her for some time. She is climbing and cruising all over...but is not too sure about letting go. When she's ready..we will hopefully have the video recorder charged and in hand. We are looking forward to celebrating AGAIN with family and friends in February. Hope 2009 is good to all!
love, The Sherman's

Saturday, January 3, 2009

the year has ended and we are finally home!

What a busy month we had! It all started just before Thanksgiving, were we made the jaunt across the midwest to Grinnell. We spent Thanksgiving with the Sherman's and then headed to Chicago to mingle with Nanna and Company. Only to drive back to Grinnell a week later and spend a good 2 weeks there. Thea and I were able to spend much needed friend time with our BF's in Grinnell. In Thea's case BF means her "boyfriend" Liam. All the while, Drew was back in Columbus working and flying back and forth a few times. We were all united at Christmas and had a wonderful Christmas eve in Chicago and Christmas Day in Grinnell. We really enjoyed seeing friends and family. Though it was a month long trip, time seemed to run out too quickly. We plan on spending the next weeks just staying put. Time to plan for Thea big #1 on the 25th...I can't believe it! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!
love to all,
Melinda, Drew and Thea